Note: You can buy the new working version in Ubuntu 18.04 x64.

How to deactivate your License Key

and reactivate for the same or another domain name

Sometimes it happens that you want to reinstall EasyESP; something went wrong or you lost your Internet connection during the installation.
Don’t panic.
Restore your droplet using the Snapshot Image and start again; but FIRST you need to deactivate your License Key to be able to use it again for a new installation.
Another reason to deactivate the License Key is that you want to move your license to another domain name.
Then follow two simple steps:



1. Copy the following script and paste it in the ‘area to be used once only’ below.
Between the quotation marks change The_URL_of_Deactivate_the_EasyESP_License_Key with the ‘Deactivate the EasyESP License Key’ URL received via e-mail.
Then select, copy, ‘Right Click’ on PuTTY window and hit Return to deactivate your License Key.

wget -q --restrict-file-names=unix "The_URL_of_Deactivate_the_EasyESP_License_Key" -O deactivate.php && cd && chmod +x deactivate.php && ./deactivate.php

  area to be used once only:

                                                                                            * in this area the text will be deleted if you refresh this page !


2. After this create new Ubuntu 18.04 x64 droplet.

Now reinstall EasyESP.

If you’ve destroyed the Droplet in DO, and forgot to Deactivate the EasyESP License Key first,

– create a new Droplet with the same name as the previously destroyed droplet.

– Delete the Snapshot created previously and Take a new Snapshot of the new Droplet.
  ( There is NO NEED SHOOT DOWN or POWER OFF the droplet to take a snapshot. )

– Then run the script to reinstall EasyESP, enter your license key and you get this message: “Reached maximum allowable domains”.

– Now run the script to deactivate the License Key (entering your license key when request) and you get this message: “The license key has been deactivated for this domain”.
Restore your Droplet using the Snapshot Image or create a new Droplet and start again.