Before installing EasyESP

Follow this steps:

1. Get EasyESP script

2. Get a domain name

Note:The video tutorials are of the version of EasyESP that is installed in Debian 8 and can also be useful for this new version, but you must follow the updated textual tutorial.
  Sign in at   ‘’    to get a free domain name (.tk) using name servers and IP addresses below.

If you want a paid one (.com), this is ok:

NS1              IP1       
NS2              IP2       
NS3              IP3       

3. Download the SSH client ‘PuTTY’ on your local computer  

Choose the ‘putty.exe’ application ( you don’t need to install anything ) or ‘Windows installer’ from the Package files list.

4. Create a Droplet on ‘Digital Ocean’ and log in to the server with PuTTY 


  Click on button below to take a droplet NYC3 – Ubuntu 18.04 x64 on Digital Ocean.

Choose $5 /mo ($0.007 /hour)‘ and ‘Choose a hostname‘, ( ex: ). Save the IP address and the password of your server that riceived via email from Digital Ocean in a text file.

Create a new password and save it in a text file.

    -using this URL you receive $50 to use in your Digital Ocean account-


Log in to your server using PuTTY Usage tip: By selecting something and the new empty line in the text file, simply Right-Click on ‘PuTTY’ to Paste and Run.

5. Take an Snapshot to your clean server 

If you mess up something you can restore droplet and start again with the same IP address and password. ( There is NO NEED SHOOT DOWN or POWER OFF the droplet to take a snapshot. )


6. Be sure you have installed FileZilla and Notepad++ in your computer 

In this video you see how to connect to server using FileZilla Client. You don’t need to do anything here for now.



What’s next?


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